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Command a party of heroes in simultaneous turn-based combat!

Draft your moves freely, and watch the action unfold.

Simultaneous Tactics

FLAMBERGE is a tactics RPG featuring free movement and simultaneous turns.

In the game, players adventure across the mysterious kingdom of Abbol, engaging in various combat missions. In each mission, players must draft orders for each of their party members, and all action is executed simultaneously.

Development/Early Access

The game is developed by Michael Savage-Benoist (programming, art, design) and Ben Cohn (soundtrack, co-writing, QA).

(OST by the phenomenal Ben Cohn is listenable online here: https://soundcloud.com/bionicbenbo/sets/flamberge-original-soundtrack)

FLAMBERGE has been in development for several years, and may take a while to complete. In its current state, FLAMBERGE features 3 chapters of a planned 6-chapter campaign. The first 3 chapters run at about 3-4 hours long. Multiplayer is not in the main version, but is available through multiplayer beta builds. Bring a friend!

To follow development more closely, check the Hydezeke Twitter or email us at contact@hydezeke.com .


We'll be publishing Linux builds for the game, but these are not strictly supported. If you're buying the game for Linux, accept that some issues might not be fixed until the end of the development period (though please email us if you run into any bugs). Linux will be part of full release 100%.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(62 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Adventure, Strategy
Tagssimultaneous, Strategy RPG, Tactical RPG, Turn-based


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

FLAMBERGE-windows 219 MB
Version 1
FLAMBERGE-windows multiplayer beta (singleplayer is buggy) 254 MB
Version 15
Version 1
FLAMBERGE-osx multiplayer beta (singleplayer is buggy) 258 MB
Version 15
FLAMBERGE-linux-unstable 222 MB
Version 1

Development log


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would love to know if you ever feel like coming back to this, it's a fantastic showing

Amazing game, really pleasant combat mechanism , nice story telling!

This game is really good! I wasn't sure what to think of it initially, but it's a great system! The first boss really threw me for a loop. I sat down to see what it was about, and ended up playing for hours.


Gotta bump this. Please, let us all know, a patreon or a kickstarter, how you feel about the project, if you still have any desire to continue development, as I really love your work and I know I'm not the only one


I'll add my name to the list of supporters that Flamberge is phenomenal. What can we do to help you finish it? Would a kickstarter or patreon be helpful?


great game 10/10


I'm not sure if this game is still in development, or if the creators still do read this, but I'd just like to say that this game is amazing. It has a lot of potential, and the polish is there. If this ever becomes a finished product, it will be astonishing.

If I do have a complaint, it would be one thing: the UI, the grayed font in black background for the test does not do quite well. It makes that stats look rather unimportant when they are an integral part of the mechanics.

Other than that, amazing game. I would love to see where this goes in the future.


I whole heartedly agree Percarus! I've been sinking a good amount of time into this title. This is a title I wish a studio would throw money at, I just love the ideas here. If I had the cash I would be looking to invest.

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I don't like the fact that no communication is made since May 19. That's a lot of time. It pains me, because the game is amazing already


Very promising game. The look of it is nice, and combat mostly works well. 

I do a bit of constructive feedback, if you want it. 

I'm not entirely sold on the way defence works. On numerous occasions I used a defensive ability to fend off an attack, and then the same character faced another attack the next turn but couldn't defend again because of the cooldown, so had to just take the hit. It felt more frustrating than I think it needs to be, because on that second turn there's really nothing you could have done to make the outcome different. You're going to take a hit almost arbitrarily. 

Relatedly, when Logan died in an early battle and thus didn't get XP, it put him behind the power curve for next time, so it was easier for him to get killed again, which put him further behind the curve, and so on. Not entirely sold on that either. 

These are really my only criticisms though. I have enjoyed my time with it so far (I'm maybe 90 minutes in at this point). I particularly enjoyed liberating Nochwood by carefully picking enemies off from a distance. 

Amazing game! Looking forward to next updates.

I had a lot of fun with this game. The mechanics are very interesting and unique which lends itself to a new kind of feel in the battles compared to other turnbased strategy games. The story is a bit hard to keep track of but the characters are fun. Especially Hammel (forgive me if I got the name wrong) and the sheep. Overall, super fun game, 8/10. I do feel like what we have is a bit short but to be fair there's more stuff in the works.

i'm not very eloquent, but i really loved this game! i played through everything available in one sitting, and could still go for more! absolutely adored it, thank you for publishing!!!


FLAMBERGE is a diamond in the rough, albiet an incomplete one. The mechanics are unique, interesting, and well-implemented, and the gameplay is super fun. From my experience with the game so far, this game does NOT feel buggy, unpolished, or poorly balanced, so keep in mind that when the developer warns that this game is still in development, they are probably referring to the fact that the latter half of the game's chapters have not been finished yet. What is currently playable, though, is really solid, so don't expect the game to feel unfinished in terms of functionality or gameplay. Is it worth $10 in its current state? Ehhh... I'm on the fence, but leaning a little towards the "no" side of things. In the future, once work on the game has been completed and all the content is there, would it be worth $10? I'd say YES! Definitely! If you, like myself, got this game as a part of a bundle such as the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, I would highly recommend giving FLAMBERGE a try! You won't regret it!

(Fun Fact: The word 'flamberge' refers to a 'flame-bladed sword', which is a kind of sword that has a blade with a wavy shape, rather than the straight blade that we usually associate with swords.)


Genuinely one of the most exciting games in the bundle. Its a simultaneous tactical game, where you plan the actions of your squad and then watch the mayhem unfold as your enemies actions will be executed at the same time. The basic premise is simple, drag and drop units and hit attack, but the smaller variations of weapons and attack patterns make this a very rewarding strategic puzzle. The game progression is similar to Fire Emblem, in that you progress your characters to the next level, getting them new equipment, level ups and skills. The campaign is unfortunately not yet finished, but you'll still get a solid 3-4 hours out of the content atm. Add your own custom maps and a versus multiplayer on top that you can experiment with, and there is quite a bit of fun to be had. Cant wait for the full release. 4,5/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:

Bug: In the non-beta tutorial, I was already within combat distance of the second enemy, but I had to somehow exit it and step back in to proceed: https://imgur.com/a/b95GB4M

WASD to move the map and Space to execute would be really appreciated. Otherwise this seems like it should be an Android game and that there should be a button to click/touch for what Tab does.

I feel like enemies should immediately start at least moving around, the moment they see me. It's a bit awkward for me to be just outside of an enemy's vision, and then walk a line of several feet in front of them while they stand on alert yet do nothing.

Very slick presentation overall, regardless! There's nothing out there like this, in my experience!

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Nice music, having trouble getting started!

Can't figure out controls on PC.

KB/M, very few keys do anything.  Tried controller, can't slow it down enough to use.

'Q' for KB/M seems to open the ability prompt to aim and use, but no matter the button I press, it never locks into position and activates?

On controller it seems the way to aim is the opposite targeting manner as it is on KB/M with your mouse.  KB/M seems to control the circle with the ability in the reverse manner.  After noting this, I again tried to execute an ability while the turn was progressing.

No luck, the ability would appear, I would aim the ability, and as I went to try and [execute] the turn, the aim would follow my cursor to the execute button without setting a target.

When I did press the button to execute my turn. My unit would move around, but the power wouldn't trigger. 

Sorry I'm really struggling here, love the art and music, story gives me shivers in cut scene intro.

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First to check- are you playing non-beta? Beta has many issues in singleplayer.

Secondly- the game is structured mostly to play with a mouse, minimal keyboard.

Sounds like there are some issues with resolution, maybe. Any idea what resolution you're playing at?

Abilities generally are aimed like this:

[Ability button, e.g. Q] -> [Aim with mouse] -> [Mouse click to set the ability]

If you don't click, the cursor will follow you until you do, or right click/ESC to cancel.

The execute button switches to a '...' when the turn is executing. ('Planning' phase v 'Execution' phase). The planning/executing system becomes more clear when you start ordering multiple units simultaneously.

Also I think the word was 'triune', as in a trinity.

Let me know if you run into more problems! Sorry it's been a pain to play so far! -msb


This game is absolutely lovely. The graphics are gorgeous and the game/control mechanics are userfriendly and work smoothly. The soundtrack is beautifully made as well. I've had a ton of fun playing the available chapters with only a few minor bugs (for example: not being able to close a "shop window" after clicking on it. ) Hope to see more of this in the future, thanks for the great work!

Hey, I remember seeing this some time ago, and thinking that the art looked absolutely goregous, but I forgot the name, and when I was browsing Itch a couple of days ago and found it again, I was absolutely delighted! The story is very interesting, the art is absolutely stunning, the dialogue is fun, the gameplay is smooth, (although I personally find it a bit easy, but hey, that might just be me :])
the music is jamming and I simply can't wait to see how you guys complete an already amazing game!
Love, a fan. (me. :P)

I just wanted to say that I really loved this game! I received a copy in the bundle and yeah I think it has been the game I had the most fun progressing through. Can't wait to see how it evolves in the future!

Great game! Very interesting game mechanics. Unofortunately there are some bugs, and one prevents me from advancing with the game at all. So that's disappointing.


this game is really quite nice so far! you really need to play it tactically.  i would suggest, while during planning fase, having a "next unit" button to automatically select the next unit that doesn't have orders