Hey intern. Your art is…better than nothing. You’re hired!

Get hired to a game studio in disarray. They need assets for their upcoming titles. First batch is due in…about 11 minutes.

Some parts of the game require a microphone. (though a mic isn’t required to play through)

Play here: https://hydezeke.itch.io/minute-to-ship

Features 5 games with writing/drawings/recordings by you.

Keyboard/mouse/spacebar/press O to skip games if they break.

Good luck!

Game by me (Michael Savage-Benoist) and my dad (Tom Benoist).

Published 10 days ago
Made withUnity


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Super great! This idea is so fun and the use of the assets you make are so creative!

I could do this for hours. Amazingly charming and really creative. Even the small details seem  like an hour was put into making them. Great job!

That was charming!