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Find Your Path Through!

What am I going to do with all this money??
Some rats appear to be bigger than others!
I hear bubbling.
  • Headphones are recommended if you would like to reach the end.
  • If the game is running poorly, toggle hardware acceleration in your browser, or switch to a new one.
  • If you are lost, please refer to the scanned game guide from LUCID LAYER MONTHLY below:

Created for Ludum Dare 49 (Theme: 'Unstable')
by Michael Savage-Benoist, Nicholas Black, Mike Crawford

Soundtrack here:


mouse too sensitive . . . music too loud . . .

Next to the crystal is a wrench- settings are in there

did I finish the game ?

Probably not- the game will say when it's over.

how long is the game?

The full game is somewhere between 20-40 minutes.

how do i get to new rooms?

Explore/find links you haven't gone through yet

is it cheating to use the guide?


Development log


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Finished the game, had a ton of fun!

Cool experience, lots of secret bits.


Wow, this is one of the most distilled vaporwave renditions I've seen. The music was both weird and catchy enough to give me the motivation to keep hunting until I got the ending. :D

Is there going to be a way to download this game so that we have access to it in case this page ever breaks or goes down?

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I finished the game. Wow, what an amazing experience. Please consider putting this on steam.


Having a great time exploring this. So many more connection than there appear to be at first! A bit of a specific question: how would you describe (or how did you achieve) the dithery, color-banding effect in the forest area? This might be present else where in the game, but that's where I noticed it! Thanks for making this, and making it available :]

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Thank you for playing! The color banding is a result of my screen shader, which limits the number of colors on screen + tweaks them a bit.

fixed4 frag (v2f i) : SV_Target             
    float4 col = tex2D(_MainTex, i.uv);                 
    //This is the part where I limit the colors a bit
    fixed r = 32;                 
    col.r = round(col.r*r)/r;                 
    col.g = round(col.g*r)/r;                 
    col.b = round(col.b*r)/r;
    //This is just color tweaking             
    col /= float4(1.05,1.0,0.85,1);                 
    col = col*0.7+0.3*float4(0.5,0.4,0.4,1);                 
    return col;             

Oh dang, thanks for posting the code. I'm trying this out.