Hedgerow placed #1 in Dungeon Crawler Jam 2021! Thanks to everyone who played/rated it! https://itch.io/jam/dcjam2021/results
Note for players getting stuck early on: if you're stuck between enemies, hit space rapidly to advance time/restart.

Make your way through a hedgerow.

Game by Nicholas Black / Michael Savage-Benoist
For Dungeon Crawler Jam 2021 #dcjam2021



WASD - Move

QE - Turn left/right

Spacebar - Wait

Left Shift - Get on your tippy toes


Left Click / X - Slash (X)

Right Click / O - Block (O)

Spacebar - Dodge (unlocked later)


R - Use Item

Tab /Mousewheel - Cycle through Invetory


H - Cycle through help popups

Seriously, Help!!!

Hi all! Game is kinda hard, and missing some features! Here are some ways to make it easier.

I keep getting killed by the first enemies I see!

Before you get the sword, you can't fight. Just run away as soon as possible!

I'm stuck between 2 enemies and can't get out!

If you get stuck without a sword, unfortunately the only way out is death (sorry!). Hit spacebar repeatedly to 'wait' until enemies kill you.

I keep getting lost!

I'm sorry there's no minimap! I've made a little guide map if needed:

I keep dying to the big dangerous guy!

If you haven't gotten the 'dodge' and 'forgiveness' powers, definitely don't take this fight on. If you have, see below.

What's "one thing left to do"? What do I do after I get all my powers?

Go fight the big one! I know you can do it!!!

Combat is just too difficult.

If combat's too hard and you still want to go through the game, enable debug mode by hitting TILDE (`) eleven times. You'll hear a small noise.

After that, when in combat, rapidly left click (or press X) while holding TILDE (`) to 'never miss' your attacks basically.

Soundtrack (Bandcamp)

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(50 total ratings)
Authorshydezeke, Skrinkus
GenreAction, Rhythm
TagsCreepy, Dungeon Crawler, Exploration, Hand-drawn, maze, Surreal, Swords

Development log


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Very cool Where Steam full game?

I beat it without the use of dodge because I didn't know it existed


Hey, that's insane! BTW  I'm working on a beat mapper app for music-based games. It's called MBOY Editor (https://vfpe.itch.io/mboy-editor) Do you want to try it for your game? Vic


Very good game jam+. There's a great skeleton here for a full game adding more items, minor abilities, and 1-2 extra buttons for something like a combo finisher. The final interaction felt a little out of place with the music/pacing, but it was still super cool. Glad it made it in.


Yooo..!!!! This game was great, from start to finish. Took me, maybe 20 minutes, or so, to finish. I really like how you start out with nothing, and then you get the sword, you can pick up abilities, and fight the big guy..!!!! It really makes it feel even better, when you do eventually fight the big guy, and the music that kicks in, wow..!!!! This was really good, and it'd be cool to see a longer version, or just another game from you. I cannot stress enough how good this game is..!!!! I loved it..!!!! Thank you so much for making it..!!!! :3

Omg, thank you so much!!!

itd be so cool to have a rogue-like or endless version of this game so thered be more replayability 

I haven't played a game for some time and this was my first session in a while, I can say I really enjoyed it!!! Good job <3


Amazing game! I love the combat system and the boss fights. I didn't expect to get my adrenaline pumping on that last boss fight. You're on a roll! 

Yayyy thanks!


Great game! Loved what you did to make combat feel more exciting, both in the gameplay and sound effect side.

The last fight is incredibly cool too, congrats :)!!


I need more games like this on the switch.

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A native binary will be much apreciatted. please..please. Since you're using Unity is just a few clicks aways to build it.

Have you ever thought about evolving this? add more levels, enemies, goals, weapons, plot,... I can help.

1) Windows, Mac, or Linux? I wish it was just a few clicks 😅. Jam projects are a bit messy and chaotic behind the curtain.

2) I have, but it probably won't happen. Might be fun though! Thanks for playing :)

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Yes...maybe it's a dificult task each platform has its icons, and a diferent way to sign executales and pack resources. A windows would be the less effort binary as my expertice tells me. I even made a little review here : https://threepixels.org/jak/index.php?ID=415


this is so cool i love this


This is sweeeeeet! Any chance it'll be downloadable?

It's been so long since I've been this satisfied beating a final boss. I only wish there was more.

Cool game, but so short :(

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Best web game i've ever played! The art is sick, the music is incredible, the bosses made my hearth beated like lighting,... Simple game but it made me so excided in any single fight (especialy the final boss). VERY nice game! Good job Hydezeke!

YES, i destroyed main evil!


omg man, this is a nice game, i already kill the big one, and i want moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 THANKS for this beautifull creation.

Loved the game, everything fits really well... yes it is hard and might need some adjustment on difficulty settings (the harder the longer the clicking/life of the enemy). But the combat mechanics spot on imho.

Fascinating visual style, a real work of art. Combat is quite interesting and I got smoked by that guy that made the eye red.

Really cool style, and some great ideas!

Cool :)

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wicked cool style and sound design and the combat is fun i love this so much

(also is the music online somewhere to listen to?)


Love the combat, gameplat and audio! Great job guys! Great job.


I like the visuals rising above the maze, to guide the player. And while the graphic style is nice and the displacement of the polygons really adds graphical "variety", I found it to be bit noisy. Wel and then I got stuck in a corner, blocked by an enemy and could not do anything besides turning. I have to try that again...

Wow... great game.

Good stuff, love the combat. Get hard very quickly tho.


if playing in chrome - turn on hardware acceleration! game was real fun after that haha


Great Game! def need to have browsers hardware acceleration on.

Thanks for the catch! Gonna add that in the desc




Wow, that combat is really satisfying. It's so simple, but the longer chains can be surprisingly hard. Love the visuals too. Just really great all around!


Thanks! Would you believe us if we told you it started life as a stealth game?


I would. That's what I thought it was gonna be when the first enemy stalks you, and all the text talking about enemies chasing you. Then, you quickly get a sword, and I was like... "Oh, I guess it's not a stealth game." Haha. It would be fun either way -- But the combat is definitely satisfying for sure.