Choo Choo Crossing received some pleasant placements in Ludum Dare 51!
Overall: #10
Fun: #22
Audio: #5
Humor: #12
Thanks to everyone who played and rated!

I'm crossin here!

You're the new station master at the forest's busiest train stop. Help various creatures make it to their next train!

Stop dilly-dallying!

Controls (Keyboard)

Move - WASD / Arrow Keys
Jump - Space Bar
Sprint - Left Shift
Interact/Throw - Left Click or E
Help/Options - H

Controls (Controller)
Move - Left Stick
Jump - A / Down Button
Sprint - Left Bumper
Interact/Throw - Right Bumper / B

Local Multiplayer

If you want to play the game cooperatively, just press Enter to connect the keyboard player and Start to connect any controller players. It should be that simple! 馃憤

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(158 total ratings)
Authorshydezeke, Skrinkus
TagsCute, Forest, Local Co-Op, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 51, Monsters, Short, Trains
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4
LinksLudum Dare

Development log


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Any chance this game get more levels (diffrent maps) and/or more randomness in passengers travelling? I appreciate the ability to play multiplayer, but it gets boring after few games. Also that you must read the tutorial signs again and again.


OH MY GOODNESS! i was trying to find this cute and addicting game but completely forgot the title, i tried scrolling, i tried "push passengers onto train" game

luckily i actually had an account which brought me back here but man i thought i was gonna lose out.

Great game, lovely graphics and amazing music <3

What a great game. The basic controls that lead to such intense gameplay and great music especially at the end  was amazing! Honestly W game.

W Game

i cant use my joysctik / gamepad how to fix it? only in this game.

so beautiful!!


a "friendly" nudge


(yeets passengers)

Oh fuck I鈥檓 on mobile 


game is a beautiful


WOW. in the end its like Rush E to get those slow guys in


It's really cute but it gets so hectic haha! I love how the music fits, too. RIP the cloud I accidentally threw into the river.

(1 edit) (+2)

155/218 those little red guys really messed me up near the end they blocked the entire bridge.

i just tossed them in the river for them to sort it out


Wonderful game, awesome song!


cool game but im loking where i can play the game with " full screenfix" .... :(


What a joyful game!! The music transitioning to a lyrical composition at the end of the day was awesome, and the sound of the gong went with it very well. Good work!!!

how did your game get featured on the itch main page brother? any tips?


unfortunately not- I think its just editor's choice. Choo choo initially gained some visibility from doing well in ludum dare

Delightful game! Loved the music, too. I wanted to roll these little guys up into a katamari lol.


chaos... soo good, i had no idea where anyone was going, soooooooooo i spammed e...

so chaotic and fun love it

Played longer than I expected, cute, fun, pleasant music.

makes fun but somehow windows changed the screen orientation while playing? idk how maybe its a problem of mine but

great game!

Oh my the ending was a real rush haha! The music was nice as well.


neat concept, I like the simplicity and silly "job games" like Overcooked. Accidentally kicking a character off the bridge is just funny.
Constructive feedback:

-imo it's a bit too hard on keyboard to correctly orient diagonally.
-who are the yellow orange characters besides antagonists? Are they also trying to get to the trains? How are they different?


I had a blast with this, can't wait for more!

(2 edits) (+1)

Thank you!!

Wait. The red guys are BASTARDS!



i absolutely love this game! just the right amount of chaos


This game is a beautiful chaotic masterpiece. I love it


This is a great game, and I especially love the music
(1 edit) (+4)

im begging you to release the song on spotify its so good


I was unprepared for how epic and hectic the game would become. Such an awesome premise!


That end song was so unbelieveably good. like if lemon demon and tally hall's love child make a son.


It's a kind, cute and funny game. I like the view of passengers and setting. Good job!


This is a cute little game, I really liked it.


such a good game! I wonder if it's possible to get all 218 passengers..


nice game. i drowned a concerningly large amount of people


it's a good casual short game without any pressure. i just flung the lil lambs at the end cos i panicked TT lol cute jams tho


This is such a joy to play! I absolutely love the music and the simple yet challenging mechanics of this game.


grandpa no grandpa you can make it, you can do it

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